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I want to support victims of the tragedy at Faculty of Arts of Charles university

The Endowment Fund of Charles University announces a fundraiser to support the families of the victims, teachers, and students affected by the shooting at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University.

All funds raised will be used to provide targeted assistance to those affected by this tragedy. The use will be coordinated with the management of the Faculty of Arts.

Further information will be added soon.


You can contribute to the Endowment Fund by sending any amount to the transparent account No. CZ78 0800 0000 0005 5667 7359 (Česká spořitelna). In the message for the recipient please write "Help FF UK" and your name, if you want to ask for donation confirmaton. For easier payment, you can use the interactive form operated by the Darujme.cz service:

The Endowment Fund uses the online donation platform Darujme.cz, operated by the Via Foundation, to which the EF pays an administrative fee of 3.7-3% based on the volume of donations in the last 12 months. More details about the Darujme.cz system and a list of other organisations using this system can be found on the Darujme.cz portal.

I need a donation confirmation

We will be happy to provide you with a donation confirmation. If you have made a donation through the Darujme.cz system, you will receive a receipt automatically, if you have made a donation to the EF directly to a transparent account, please send your request to . Please state your name, address and the account number that you used to donate in your request.

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