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Main goals of the Endowment fund

Main goals of the Endowment fund

Endowment fund of the Charles University was estabilished at the end of 2020.

Main goals and rules of the support

  1. The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to provide socially useful support for the financing of pedagogical, scientific and research activities carried out at Charles University. The purpose of the Endowment Fund is also to support events and projects related to the pedagogical, scientific and research activities carried out at Charles University and to support activities related to the "third role" of Charles University.

  2. Goals of the Endowment fund are achieved mainly by realizing following activities with respect to the Rector's directive no. 29/2020 "General criteria for sponsorships and partnerships at Charles University" :

    1. gathering financial assets from donors and sponsors; and

    2. allocating contributions from the Endowment Fund for the purpose of supporting education, scientific research, international cooperation, cultural and other social activities related to Charles University, higher education in the Czech Republic and the world in general. In order to fulfil this purpose, the Endowment Fund will in particular:

      • support students, pedagogical and scientific staff and employees of Charles University, in particular in professional meetings, including reimbursement of costs associated with stay, transport and training at domestic and foreign workplaces;

      • provide contributions for the acquisition of specialist literature, educational programmes, software and hardware, as well as for the acquisition and repair of teaching aids;

      • make contributions towards the organisation of professional training meetings, conferences, congresses and international events;

      • to support the extracurricular activities of students, employees and graduates of Charles University in particular;

      • support scientific and research projects;

      • social events; and

      • promote the Foundation and its activities.

  3. The Endowment Fund shall carry out the activities referred to in paragraph 2 economically and in accordance with the law. In particular, it shall comply with the following rules:

    1. The Endowment Fund shall be an independent, non-governmental, non-profit-making organisation;

    2. The assets of the Endowment Fund shall be used to ensure the fulfilment of its purpose, in particular to cover the costs of the appreciation of its assets, to cover the costs of its own management, to make investments considered prudent and to ensure its own activities. The costs of the Endowment Fund's own activities may not exceed 10 % of the Endowment Fund's assets;

    3. The Endowment Fund raises funds primarily through donations from third parties and contributions from the Founder;

    4. The Endowment Fund does not accept funds from third parties obtained through illegal activities;

    5. The Endowment Fund manages its funds transparently; and

    6. The Endowment Fund does not create endowment principal or endowment capital.

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